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He does all the work.

Ronan Baker | Engineer| Producer| Composer| Front of House Engineer

Ronan Baker first picked up a guitar at the ripe young age of fourteen and ever since that day music has been his passion. He has played in numerous groups throughout the years including Allies From Nowhere, Sleep Millennium, and most notably his current project Light Treason and continues to play to this day. Although Ronan’s songwriting takes up a great deal of his time, he has dedicated himself to the tenacious art of audio engineering. In 2010, He graduated Cum Laude from Western Oregon University with a BA of Music with an emphasis in audio engineering and film scoring. While in college, he studied under Mike Moore at Dead Aunt Thelma’s in Portland, OR as well as at Otago University in Dunedin, New Zealand. While studying in New Zealand, Ronan found a passion for finding and creating unique sounds to craft soundscapes that parallel those of John Cage. He strives to apply his unique mind and musicality to each new project that comes his way. Although relatively new (in a geological standpoint) to the scene, Ronan has a number of projects under his belt. He has engineered and produced a tour EP for Jared Mees & The Grown Children, a full length jazz album for Karly Herrick, multiple albums for The Minute Hand Ballet, and Allies From Nowhere, Summer Eyes, Marc and the Horsejerks, Jamalia, Felitaire, The Salem Pops Orchestra featuring Gail Gage as well as numerous other albums and singles.

Funny things Ronan says while engineering…

In addition to recording, Ronan is also an experienced live sound engineer and backstage in the theater world. Since 2015, he has been fortunate to run sound for acts such as Tommy Tutone, Afroman, and Ty Curtis as well as for musical festivals such as Keizerfest and the Silverton Art Fair. Recently he was the sound designer and house sound technician for Seusical the Musical and James and the Giant Peach at the historic Grand Theater.

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