Teaching Bio

I am Ronan Baker.

Instructor to the stars.

I have over 16 years of performing and teaching experience and hold a degree in Contemporary Music from Western Oregon University. I first started performing in church when I was 14 and have never looked back. After singing and performing in numerous musicals (Les Miserables, Footloose, etc.) I expanded my horizons into Rock, Indie Rock, Folk, Blues, and Jazz music and have performed 100s of shows in a myriad of venues across the West Coast and even graced the Elsinore Theater once or twice. I have produced and/or recorded nearly 50 albums or singles over the past decade and am always looking for the next project. I find great delight in helping others discover their talents and supporting their development and have done so since 2018.

 Instruction is based on the student’s specific goals. These goals are achieved by success in the small steps that lead to their development. Sometimes it may be slow going, but it is rewarding. Success step by step is motivating as the student sees their own progress.

A balanced approach of traditional techniques, varied examples representative of excellence in the field, guided student experimentation and modern music combined with enjoyable songs serve well to facilitate musical skill and expression or exploration.

 Having a solid technical foundation is essential for students to be free to express the music that is within them without encumbrances. An Example, reading sheet music or lead sheets. It’s also important for being able to sing or play an instrument for the rest of their lives in a healthy and safe way.  Establishing good playing habits early on will avoid having to spend valuable time relearning technique later.  Practice doesn’t make perfect; practice makes permanent as my dad always said!

*See “5 Things to Do While Practicing” under the resources section.

2010                B.A Contemporary Music with an emphasis in music production and film scoring.

2003-2006       Willamette Christian School Guitar Instructor

2018-2023       Rivercity Rockstar Academy Program Director/Teacher – Lead group classes for teenagers and adults on how to form, rehearse, and perform as a band or ensemble as well as taught private guitar, piano and ukulele lessons.

2023 –              Private Music Teacher – Taught private music lessons with rock, contemporary and classical focus; emphasis on piano, guitar, ukulele, music production and songwriting.

2009-2010       WOU Concert Choir – Sang baritone and tenor 2.  Carnegie Hall, New York

2010-2012       The Minute Hand Ballet – Singer, songwriter, and guitar.

2012-2016       Allies From Nowhere – Songwriter, keyboards, guitar, string arranger, producer.

2016                Heroes and Rebels  – David Bowie Tribute

2016-2020       Sleep Millennium  – Guitarist, keyboards, background vocalist

2018-2023       Rivercity Rockstar Academy – Piano, guitar, bass, and drums.

2014-               Light Treason – Solo singer songwriter

Here are some great resources when thinking about starting lessons!!!

When is a child ready for music lessons?   

15 Things You Need to Know about Supporting Your Child Learning to Play a Musical Instrument

5 Things to Do With Practicing *See attachment

Here is an example of what you’ be agreeing to when you sign up for lessons with me. I look forward to it! * See attachment

“Before learning from Ronan music production was something completely out of my depth. Overwhelmed by all the tools and techniques, I didn’t have any idea where to begin getting the sound of a track to match my vision.

With Ronan’s tools and expertise, the whole process of producing a song was made less daunting, opening up my mind to think of production in a much more creative way. To the point that now I’ve produced albums of music on my own!

The Humannequin studio space is a great place to learn all about music production, from recording, and mixing, all the way to a finished master.” – Owen B.